Friday, August 10, 2007

Ending Eiken, and Tokyo Tower

I just got back from visiting Tokyo Tower, after a dinner with my friend Junko (one of the students from my 2003 Eiken spell, whom I've kept in touch with), in Hiroo. Dinner was good, and Tokyo Tower was arguably even better. It was a nice way to end off a busy week (class of twenty). I have a hard time believing it's all over already, with just a few days of summer camp to go. While keeping a group of eighteen kids in check is quite a task, I sure am going to miss it, or certainly some of them. There was a group of returnees doing all three weeks (or the latter two) that was particularly energetic an friendly, so it was a bit sad to see them go. Oh well, it's all further incentive to try and make time for some more Eiken next year, if I can find the time during a dissertation summer.


Anonymous said...

I'm ☆Honoka☆
Long time to see!!
Do you remember(・・?)
  Do you remember*Mocoli*??
I like *MOcoli*!!
*Mocoli* is cute♡+゜
I can speak English a little.
See you(●≧ΨΨ≦)

Edward said...

Very nice if you to leave a message on my blog. I can still remember as far back as last week. :)
Yes, I remember *Mocoli*. I don't think anyone can ever forget something a special as Mocoli.
Good job with the english. Practice a little, and you'll be speaking English as well as Leena, Chris and I.
- Ed

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